Travel Mishaps

I Missed My First FIight Ever. It Was The Best Travel Day I’ve Had

My morning was everything you hope for when you travel. It was pure coincidence to meet a girl in my hostel who was not only…
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Why Yes! You CAN Get Bed Bugs From A Bus

I Was Worried About Mosquito Bites…Then I Got Bed Bugs On A Bus While I consider myself to be an expert traveler, that doesn’t mean…
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rock climbing before bull chase in Spain

I Was Chased By A Bull in Spain

The Short Story Of When I Was Chased By A Bull In Spain While In Charge Of 30 Campers So yes, I was chased by…
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carnival cadiz hotel room

Don’t Sneak 9+ People Into a Hotel Room

Trying to Squeeze A Lot of People Into A Hotel Room for A Festival Like Carnival is No Bueno While this may seem intuitive to…
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New York Brownstone Winter Packing List

Cannes Film Festival: Walking The Red Carpet

Cannes Film Festival: 2 Films, 2 Red Carpets, 1 Grand Prix I was very fortunate that one of my best friends from college was the…
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Running of the Bulls Pamplona, Spain

Running of the Bulls: Sans Accommodation

Don’t Go to Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain Without a Place to Stay for 2 Nights The title really says it all because,…
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St. Patrick's Day Dublin, Ireland parade

St. Patrick’s Day: Solo Travel in Dublin, Ireland

First Time Traveling Solo for St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin Ok, so that’s not entirely true. I did spend one day traveling solo in Granada,…
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brownie in Valencia, Spain travel mishap

That Time I Ate A Chocolate Brownie In Valencia

That Time I Ate A Chocolate Brownie in Valencia, Spain How good is food right?  Just thought I would get that out there first so…
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Renting a boat in Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia: Stranded While Renting A Boat

Stranded In The Ocean While Renting a Boat in Hvar Island, Croatia Rent your own boat and drive around to private beaches all day? Sounds…
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Bay of Naples Europe

Stories Of Attempted Pickpocketing In Europe

My Two and Only Times Being Attempted Pickpocketed in Europe Attempt #1 in Europe: This whole debacle began with my bright idea to go to…
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