Europe Itineraries

Planning a trip to Europe and trying to solidify your Europe trip itinerary? This page contains a plethora of Europe Itineraries including posts for a 10 Day Europe Trip, and itineraries for creating your ultimate Europe trip based on the season in which you plan on visiting. I have created mock itineraries over the years with highly detailed information (and when I say detailed, I mean down to the literal flights that you should take) for winter, spring, and summer in Europe. These sample Europe itineraries are based around the best cultural festivals in Europe which is a phenomenal way to experience a destination.

I believe that your 10 day Europe trip itinerary should generally not include more than three large cities. That is my golden rule and something you will find in the majority of these itineraries.  Croatia is a bit different because the cities are much smaller; however, the other Europe itineraries will max out at three cities per 10 days.

Greece: An Ideal 10-Day Itinerary

Croatia: An Ideal 10-Day Itinerary

Spain Itinerary: 10 Days in Barcelona and Madrid

European Summer 2017

Itinerary: Spontaneous European Summer 2017

 European Summer 2017 Countries: Spain, France, Italy, Britain, Hungary, Croatia, Germany Planning on spending your summer 2017 traveling across Europe?  Here’s my annual mock itinerary…
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spring in europe sevilla feria plaza de espana

Spring in Europe: Kings Day, Feria, Patio Festival

Spring Itinerary:Kings Day (Amsterdam), Feria (Sevilla), Patio Festival (Cordoba) This itinerary for spring 2017 is probably the itinerary I am most excited about all year. …
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winter in Europe

Winter Break in Europe: Festival Hopper’s Guide

A Two-Week Winter Break Itinerary Visiting Christmas Markets and Celebrating New Year’s in Europe If I had to choose a favorite season, it would be…
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beach in Ibiza in September closing weekend

The Festival Hopper’s Guide to September 2016

The Festival Hopper’s Guide to Summer in Europe 2016: September for 2 weeks September is one of my absolute favorite months to travel throughout Europe. …
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August Itinerary 2016 Monterosso, Italy

Summer in Europe 2016: August Edition

The Festival Hopper’s Guide to Summer in Europe 2016: August Edition   BUDAPEST ——> EDINBURGH ——> SIENA, ITALY ——> BUNOL, SPAIN This August itinerary goes…
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July summer in Europe Venice, Italy

July Itinerary: Summer in Europe 2016

The Festival Hopper’s Guide to Summer in Europe 2016: July Edition I have decided to make a portion of my blog dedicated to planning itineraries…
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