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6 SHEIN Summer Dresses That Will Actually Fit You Well

September 13, 2021
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Best SHEIN Summer Dresses for Women

I came across the first dress on this list, the Ditsy Floral Milkmaid Dress, while researching affordable summer dresses that would be absolutely perfect for travel. And this particular dress really was perfect. The length prevented it from flying up in the wind and the material was lightweight enough where you could be comfortable in extreme height. So, I got to looking at the other SHEIN summer dresses options and realized that there actually are some real gems on their website.

Now, I don’t want to get too carried away. There aren’t too many dresses on this list, and the post actually took me ages to write because you really do have to examine each dress on their website with intense scrutiny. If you simply look at the star rating, you’ll probably end up with a lot of ill-fitting, see-through dresses. The key is to read the reviews, and more importantly, check out all of the images. You’ll really get a good feel for the quality of the dresses by seeing how it looks on all different body types. And luckily, because SHEIN has a point system, people are enticed to share photos and reviews; so, there is usually a lot of information on each clothing item. 

I found that the best way to find a dress to my taste was to filter by material – I prefer Polyester and Spandex because those don’t wrinkle – and then sort by Most Popular. Make sure to read the size chart for every single clothing item. Sizing at SHEIN can be all over the place, but the measurements are listed right there for you to utilize in their sizing guidelines. 


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Ditsy Floral Tie Front Ruffle Hem Milkmaid Dress

This is such a flattering dress! As someone who has a pet peeve of thighs sticking to leather seat chairs in the summer heat, I absolutely love the length of this dress! It ensures that won’t be a problem without weighing you down with too much fabric like some maxi dresses do. If you want a more fitted look, I would recommend sizing down one size. It isn’t too fitted in the stomach area which I personally love, but be sure to read the size chart as that will help you immensely in choosing the best one for you. The dress has a zipper in the back. The material is very lightweight, which is perfect for summer. Depending on what color you choose, you might want to wear a slip underneath to avoid any see-through potential. 

Ditsy Floral Lettuce Frill Ruffle Hem Split Dress

The material is thin and lightweight so it is great for the summer weather and humidity; plus, there is actually a lining with this dress that goes to the mid-thigh area, so it’s not too see-through. The dress fits true to size and there are adjustable ties on either side of the waist which help to cinch and give the dress good shape. While you can adjust the size, you can’t change the inner lining so you don’t want to get your appropriate size. It is a low v-neck so you will probably want to wear a bralette or use tape to keep everything in place. I haven’t tried it out, but SHEIN has this Caged Back Ribbed Bralette Top in mint green that might match well with the dress. You could alter the neckline, but it might pucker if you do. There is a slit on one side starting from the knee down which is really a nice additional element to the dress. 

Ditsy Floral Print Backless Frill Trim A-line Dress

This dress is so cute for summer and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. The quality of the material is actually really good for Shein – the skirt is double lined – and the dress as a whole is really very flattering. The dress length isn’t ridiculously short which is fantastic so you can bend over or go out on a slightly windy day and you won’t have to worry about flashing anyone. It is low cut in the front, so I would recommend stitching it up a bit. The good news is that the frills cover up any sort of pucker that might occur, so it really wouldn’t be noticeable at all. It is backless, so if you want to wear a bra, I would go with a sticky bra option so that it doesn’t show through in the back. 

Tie Shoulder Shirred Panel Buffalo Plaid Layered Dress

To be honest, gingham is not my favorite style because I don’t dress in a super feminine way. But, this dress is so cute on so many people that I had to include it in my Shein summer dresses roundup. Plus, the material is great, it isn’t see-through because it comes with a slip attached underneath, and the colors shown in the photos – the dress is currently available in pink and green – are spot on. Because the straps are tied, you can adjust them to their perfect fit. The dress is flowy but smocked so you can go true to size or even size down, but this one shouldn’t be too difficult to get right unlike so many Shein dresses. 

Single Breasted Front Bardot Dress

There is so much good with this dress. The material of the dress helps it to fall well without clinging to your body. It’s a stretchy fabric, so it doesn’t wrinkle easily. But, there is one problem. The off-the-shoulder sleeves run tight. So, definitely consider sizing up if you can, especially if you have wider shoulders. The dress is so versatile! You can dress it up or down and it will match with everything. 

Draped Neck Satin Cami Dress

As much as I absolutely love satin, I’m not one to recommend it myself because it clings to my every curve. So, with that said, we are going to give the Draped Neck Satin Cami Dress from Shein an honorable mention. It does flare out a bit almost to an a-line style which is so great. Plus, it’s not ridiculously short. The dress is only eight dollars and it has tons of fabulous reviews and photos but I feel like it is hit or miss depending on the color you choose and the accessories you pair it with. Also, you need to rid this dress of its wrinkles! This really makes or breaks the look in my opinion. Personally, I love the gold color and black is always a solid choice if you are trying to hide certain areas. The material is thin, but it isn’t see-through which is, of course, crucial.

Some other things to keep in mind and a note about SHEIN:

Shipping times can be long, so if you have a trip booked or an event in mind, be sure to order at least 2-3 weeks in advance. But, you can return your items – not swimwear – for up to 45 days after purchase. That is quite a reasonable return policy!

This company has had its fair share of controversies that should not be overlooked. The company has apologized, but it’s important to be educated on the matter. I wanted to acknowledge this so that you can make an informed choice before purchasing. SHEIN is also a fast fashion company and the business could certainly do more to be transparent in discussing their supply chain methods and how the clothes are produced.

What are you favorite SHEIN summer dresses? Let us know the name in the comments below! And, don’t forget to check out these other posts on WOAW including the best SHEIN winter outfits!

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