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Travel Outfits: Best Travel Clothes for Women

August 31, 2021
summer travel outfit in Budapest, Hungary

 Airport Outfits, Winter & Summer Travel Outfits, and Outfits from Amazon

Are you the type to have your best travel outfits packed in your suitcase ready to go a week before your trip? Or, are you scrambling to throw in your favorite pair of jeans you finally found in the dirty clothes hamper at 3AM before your 7AM flight?

Whichever kind of packer you are, the process can be intimidating and stressful. I fall into the latter camp, but with having to increase the amount of  travel over the years, I have learned a few tricks to help streamline the process as much as possible.

When packing for your trip, bring neutral colored clothing that you can mix and match with a variety of items and purchase clothes that are made of wrinkle-free fabrics. The best fabrics to minimize wrinkles are polyester, spandex, knit, and cashmere. Cotton is more prone to wrinkling, so try to look for travel clothes that blend cotton with the wrinkle-free materials. Rayon and silk probably wrinkle the most, so I would avoid packing any outfits for travel with a large percentage of either.  And, instead of throwing in all your favorite pieces, print out your travel itinerary and do your best to plan out outfits for each major event. 

travel outfit for summer in Greece

Airport Outfits

I actualIy have an outfit that I purchased specifically for airplane travel. I wear that designated airport outfit for all flights — both domestic travel as well as long-haul flights — and on any long travel days by train, bus, car, or ferry. Having a designated outfit essentially knocks two days off of the trip where I would need to plan out my outfits. 

For me, comfort is key; but, there is something to be said for showing off a little airport style. The base layer is the same whether it’s summer or winter because airplane temperatures are somehow always either way too hot or much too cold.

A basic tank underneath a matching loungewear set in a cozy, soft material is the perfect airport attire. I prefer the bottoms to be either leggings or joggers because I don’t like to have any excess material dragging on the floor. I’m a germaphobe who is not exactly the biggest fan of public restrooms, let alone airplane bathrooms. 

Basic Tank from Target

Loungewear Outfits


Old Navy

Barefoot Dreams at Nordstrom

Pssst: If you are looking for an alternative to loungewear for your flight, then I would recommend boyfriend jeans, a basic tank, and a cardigan sweater.
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Winter Airport Outfits

If you’re traveling in winter, you can wear your waterproof, down jacket to and from the airport and then either store the puffy coat in the overhead bin or use it as a makeshift travel blanket or pillow for the duration of the flight. My favorite winter coat is the Northface Metropolis III jacket

Summer Airport Outfits

When it’s unbearably hot outside, it is usually freezing cold once you step indoors — a direct result of air conditioning being on full blast. You can wear the basic tank with the jogger bottoms to and from the airport and tie the sweatshirt top around your waist until you get inside. 

Travel Shoes

Allbirds Tree Runners

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Sightseeing in the Rain and Snow: Winter Travel Outfits

I was recently given solid advice in regards to outfits for traveling in winter. 

You need to make sure you love the look of your jacket when you travel because you’ll be wearing it in every photo you take during the wintertime. This could not be more true! As I mentioned above, my go-to waterproof, down winter coat is the Northface Metropolis. It’s reasonably priced for the quality and it matches with everything. I would also encourage you to bring a camel coat as the color goes with everything and can be dressed up a bit more than the puffer coat for evenings out. 

Style your blue or black jeans with lots of layers. And if it’s really cold, wear some thermal underwear or leggings underneath your jeans.

Bring lots of layers for your top half. I always starting with a basic tank. From there, I’ll pack a long sleeve thermal shirt, light sweater, fleece jacket, and finish off with one of the heavy coats. Winter accessories are key to mixing up your winter look, so make sure to bring an assortment of scarves, beanies, earmuffs, gloves, etc. to complete the look. If you want a detailed list of curated products for winter travel, my Winter Packing List: What to Wear in New York City will be worth the read.

The plight of winter travel attire: how to avoid wearing running shoes (trainers) with jeans. Boots are bulky, so you are less inclined to pack them and running shoes really only look decent with leggings which are not nearly warm enough to wear on their own during the winter months.

The weather forecast will help you decide on shoes. I recommend taking two or three pairs maximum with you on your trip. If the forecasts shows rain and/or snow daily, then I would wear a pair of Sorel boots on the plane and have these be the main shoes you wear for the duration of the trip. However, I don’t know about you, but even if I bring my most comfortable pair of shoes, my feet tire of them with all of the walking and I need an additional pair to switch into. I’d pack a pair of black or white tennis shoes — Adidas, Keds, Cole Hann are a few brands that make great tennis shoes. These shoes will be less bulky in your luggage and a solid alternative to the heavy boots.

If you don’t expect inclement weather, then you can skip the snow boots and wear a pair of black booties/boots like Doc Marten on the plane instead and pack the tennis shoes in your luggage.

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Summer Travel Outfits

Summer travel outfits are kind of a catch-22. You’ll want to stay as covered up as possible to protect yourself from the sun while also keeping cool from those same high temperatures. Lightweight, wrinkle-free materials will be your best friend. You might think that jean shorts are the solution to your summer travel wardrobe, but I would beg to differ.

Opt for paperbag-style or pinstripe pants instead made from a combination of polyester and spandex. I happened to find my best pair at a boutique called Angl, but I know there are a bunch of styles available at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack too. You’ll also want to bring a white long-sleeve button down shirt that you can throw on to keep those shoulders and back of the neck from burning. I go into more detail on the white shirt in my Greece Packing List, so definitely check that out if you want are traveling to Greece or any countries near the Mediterranean over the summer.

In addition to those items, midi skirts, tanks, and tees in neutral colors so you can mix and match are all the best staples for your summer travel outfit. Throw in a packable hat, some swimwear, and coverups, and you’ll be prepared for those high temps.

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Amazon Travel Outfits

If you weren’t previously aware of just how many awesome clothing items you can purchase at Amazon, don’t worry you’re not alone. I had no idea that so many people were shopping for their travel outfits on Amazon, but so many of my awesome readers alerted me to the fact that they were using the site to purchasing pieces for their travels.

Lemon Print | Maxi Dress | Shirt and Skirt Set | Blue and White Button Down

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Travel Outfits For Instagram

Let me set the record straight. I absolutely support the notion that you should live in the moment and not in search of the photo. I’ve always felt strongly about that, but I’ll admit I did get sucked into the whole “girl in flowy dress” craze for a hot sec. The thing about it though is that wearing a flowy dress or skirt really does make every girl look their best in photos. I’m a very confident person, even when it comes to body image, but I found myself feeling so much better about myself when I saw travel photos of me taken in a skirt or dress as opposed shorts or jeans. If you feel similarly, then these are some items that are practical enough for sightseeing, but also perfectly stylish travel clothes for photos.

Midi Skirts | Off-the-shoulder tops | Flowy Dresses

What are your favorite travel outfits? Let us know in the comments below!

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