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Cute and Comfortable White Sneakers for Walking/Traveling

August 31, 2021
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The Best White Sneakers for Women’s Travel

A common myth is that one cannot wear white sneakers while traveling for fear of being recognized as a tourist. The truth is, whether you wear white sneakers or not, you probably will be snuffed out as a tourist anyway; but Europeans, North Americans, South Americans, etc. all wear white sneakers to go out about their day, so that really isn’t the true indicator. White sneakers are the ultimate travel shoes – a critical item that should absolutely be packed in your suitcase or worn on the plane. Here’s why: 

  • Sneakers provide proper arch support while walking 28,000 steps a day exploring a new city
  • White sneakers match with all of your outfits so you don’t need to bring multiple pairs of shoes that will inevitably weigh your suitcase down
  • White sneakers are incredibly versatile. You can wear them with a sundress, trousers, or with black jeans and a leather jacket. 

So which of these comfy white sneakers are the best for women’s travel? Let’s go through all of the top options to find you your perfect fit! Invest in your feet and choose a pair of these comfortable walking shoes to make your trip experience that much more enjoyable. 


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P.S. Make sure you purchase a pair of these travel shoe bags before you travel! You’ll keep the dirty bottoms of your shoe soles away from your clothing and accessories in the suitcase. 

Adidas White Sneakers

Adidas Cloudfoam

Adidas shoes fit incredibly well; so, it’s no shock they are an extremely popular choice for women travelers, especially for women with a medium to wide foot. The Adidas Cloudfoam shoes have a cushioned insole that molds to the foot. They got their branding right because it really does feel like you’re “walking on clouds.” I should know because I own three pairs of the Daily QTs which they have unfortunately discontinued. But, Adidas still makes the Cloudfoam Advantage sneaker and the Cloudfoam Pure sneaker, and you really can’t go wrong with either! 

Compare prices on Amazon | DSW | Adidas

Adidas Superstar and Stan Smith

The Superstars and Stan Smiths are the classic Adidas shoes. These white sneakers have more or less retained their original silhouette for years and years which makes sense because they are the ones everybody knows and loves. And, they match with everything in our travel capsule wardrobe including sundresses! Some recommend a half size smaller than your usual shoe size, so be sure to check out the size guide for some clarification. If you want to purchase an all-white shoe in women’s sizes, you will want to get the Adidas Superstar shoes or the Stan Smith direct on the Adidas website. You would need to get the Stan Smith all-white shoe in a mens’ size on the other sites.

Compare prices on Amazon | Nordstrom | Zappos | Adidas

Adidas Ultra Boost

The Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers are ultra cute and ultra comfortable, but they do have more of a running shoe vibe than the rest of the white shoes on this list. They also have a black sole which does extend through to the front tip of the shoe. But those slight drawbacks pale in comparison to the Ultra Boost advantages. For one, these might just be the most comfortable walking shoes you’ll ever own. You probably won’t have any blisters or aching feet at the end of a long day of sightseeing. There are a large variety of style of the Ultra Boost shoes, so make sure you read reviews to determine which will suit you best.

Compare prices on Amazon | Nordstrom | Zappos | Adidas

Allbirds Tree Runners

Allbirds shoes are revolutionary for a number of reasons. They are sourced from 17.5 micron superfine New Zealand Merino wool and because of this, you don’t need to wear socks with them. Allbirds shoes minimize odor, regulate temperature, have a low carbon footprint, and are machine washable. You can throw them in the washer and air dry after a trip! There is a reason these shoes have a cult following; if you survey 100 people and ask them what their most comfortable and favorite shoe for traveling is, about 95 of them will say Allbirds Tree Runners. The other five might have plantar fasciitis and say Allbirds aren’t supportive enough so that is something to consider if you do have that condition. You might be able to purchase insoles though!  Allbirds are so easy to slip on and off and keep your feet warm but without any sweating.

Read reviews on Allbirds website.

ECCO Soft 7 Sneaker

The ECCO Soft 7 sneaker is an incredibly well-made classic sneaker that fits like a glove. They are very sturdy, high quality, and have great arch support. The shoes are so comfortable that many people who normally wear orthotics in their shoes say you don’t actually need any for the ECCO Soft 7. But, the inlay sole is removable for extra width should you need. The ECCO Soft 7’s are made of 100% leather and what they call the ECCO comfort fibre system so you can walk for miles – even on cobblestones – and your feet should not hurt and stay cool and dry. 

You will be purchasing your white sneakers in EU sizes as the company was founded in Denmark in the 1960s but they have a helpful size guide if you are not familiar with European sizing. These also come in a slip-on version, but unfortunately not in the color white. 

Compare prices on Amazon | Nordstrom | Zappos

Sam Edelman Ethyl Sneaker

Sam Edelman does everything right when it comes to shoes. They are, by far, my favorite shoe brand mainly because their flat sandals are perfection. Seriously, if you need a pair for the summer, the soles on those sandals are soft and cushiony and will just fit your feet very well. Luckily, Sam Edelman also makes a low top white sneaker that is probably the most visually appealing of all the sneakers on this list. The shoe looks so cute with dresses and midi skirts! 

Compare prices on Amazon | Nordstrom | Zappos | Sam Edelman

Nike Air Force 1

If you have a narrower foot, then Nike shoes are a really good option. I love the Nike brand, but I have a super wide foot and although I tend to cramp my foot in to the Flex Runs because they are my favorite running shoe, there’s always mild rubbing on the sides of the feet until they really stretch out. They have a bit of height and a good shape, but they may be a little clunky and heavy for travel, so I would wear these on the plane if you choose to purchase these white sneakers. It is recommended to go down half a size. 

Compare prices on Amazon | Nordstrom | Nike

Which white sneaker do you find most comfortable for walking?  Let us know your tried and true shoe in the comments below! And, don’t forget to check out these other posts about Greece on World On A Whim! 

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