liebster award

Liebster Award Nomination Time

I Was Nominated For A Liebster Award…So Let’s Do This Thing If you haven’t guessed yet…I won the Liebster award!  Twice!  Thank you so much…
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beach in Ibiza in September closing weekend

The Festival Hopper’s Guide to September 2016

The Festival Hopper’s Guide to Summer in Europe 2016: September for 2 weeks September is one of my absolute favorite months to travel throughout Europe. …
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flights on Aegean Airlines to Greece to watch sunset in oia santorini

The Ins and Outs of Booking Cheap Flights

Cheap Websites and Budget Airlines to Book Flights I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people ask “Is this site reliable for…
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women in Europe with roller suitcase

Complete Europe Packing List: Here’s What to Pack for Europe

Europe Packing List: Let’s Detail Exactly What to Pack  Just over a month out while planning a trip to Italy for the last week in…
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St. Patrick's Day Dublin, Ireland parade

St. Patrick’s Day: Solo Travel in Dublin, Ireland

First Time Traveling Solo for St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin Ok, so that’s not entirely true. I did spend one day traveling solo in Granada,…
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Monaco transportation Cannes film festival

Transportation in Europe: Best Methods for 15 Countries

Buses, Trains, Planes? Here are the Best Types of Transportation in Europe for 15 Different Countries Traveling within European countries is actually quite simple. There…
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August Itinerary 2016 Monterosso, Italy

Summer in Europe 2016: August Edition

The Festival Hopper’s Guide to Summer in Europe 2016: August Edition   BUDAPEST ——> EDINBURGH ——> SIENA, ITALY ——> BUNOL, SPAIN This August itinerary goes…
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brownie in Valencia, Spain travel mishap

That Time I Ate A Chocolate Brownie In Valencia

That Time I Ate A Chocolate Brownie in Valencia, Spain How good is food right?  Just thought I would get that out there first so…
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July summer in Europe Venice, Italy

July Itinerary: Summer in Europe 2016

The Festival Hopper’s Guide to Summer in Europe 2016: July Edition I have decided to make a portion of my blog dedicated to planning itineraries…
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Plaza de Cibeles Madrid

Madrid: What To Do & Where To Eat, Drink, Party

A Complete Planning Guide For Your Trip To Madrid Madrid is a fantastic city filled with true, authentic Spanish culture wherever you look.  It is…
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