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Winter Packing List: What to Wear in New York City

September 16, 2019
New York Brownstone Winter Packing List

What to Pack for New York City in Winter

Hearing the term bomb cyclone had me a little nervous about going to New York again this January.  As a California girl, I don’t really do winter very well; but, for the past 3 years in a row, I have had to be in New York in January and February.  It’s definitely a bit of a gamble in terms of just how cold it will be —one year I was in the middle of a blizzard and the next was a balmy 30 degrees with light snow— but if you manage to go during a period of mild weather, you will luck out with low accommodation rates and minimal tourists at all the famous sights.  What does that mean in terms of a winter packing list for New York City? By now, we have all heard that layering is key to keeping warm in the cold.  But, what exactly does that entail when you are at home stressed about packing for a trip to NYC in winter?  Let me break down exactly what to pack.

winter packing list New York

Winter Packing List: 


1) As a native Californian, the cold ain’t really my thing.  This might be a little overkill for those more accustomed to cold weather, but I think it is important to bring all of these tops as layering options and then depending on the weather each day, you can choose to wear all, 4 of 5, 3 of 5, etc.  I start out with a super comfortable basic tank top underneath because it is comfortable on my skin and usually helps with the overwhelming static that can sometimes arise from the dryness of the weather and the fabrics of the outerwear.  Next, I’ll wear a tight, yet comfortable long sleeve shirt, followed by a thin sweater that can easily fit atop of the shirt.  I’ll typically bring a basic sweater for daytime and then one that is slightly trendier for the evenings.  My secret weapon is my fleece jacket as that really is the warmest, coziest material for winter.  



2) When it comes to outerwear, make sure that you buy a jacket that covers your butt!  This is a crucial addition to the winter packing list, I promise! I made the mistake one year of bringing a down coat that only reached to the top of my jean line and I was MISERABLE.  That all changed though when I got the North Face Metropolis II which is a puffy, down coat that goes all the way down to the knees. It was a perfect length. It’s also waterproof which is essential for rain and/or snow. For fancier evenings out to a Broadway show, a nice meal, or a performance at Lincoln Center, you may wish to bring a wool jacket (that also goes down to the knees) to wear instead.    



I always pack my best pair of blue jeans and  black jeans to pair with all of my New York winter outfits.  I also bring some long thermal underwear and lululemon yoga pants to wear underneath on the coldest days. Plus, I always wear my lululemons on travel days. The double layering on the bottoms actually makes a remarkable difference and the long underwear can also be used as a super cozy pajama bottom!  If this is a business trip, you may want to add a pair of black pants, a work dress with thick tights, or a pantsuit to the winter packing list.  

Beanie, Gloves, Scarves

These may be accessories, but all of these items are so necessary for a winter trip to New York! For your beanie and scarves, Make sure that the material on your beanies and scarves doesn’t itch since these items will be on your head and neck, respectively, all day.  I would go with a great cashmere scarf. Also, check out my absolute favorite beanie from Amazon; it is extremely affordable and is a very flattering shape for your head.  The most important aspect when it comes to gloves is that they have mobile touch responsiveness.  You won’t have to constantly pull your hands in and out of your gloves in the freezing cold when you undoubtedly get confused by the subway system, acquiesce, and call an uber.   


Brooklyn Heights View Winter Packing List


Wool socks are a must-have item on your New York winter packing list!  Your feet can get cold quite easily since they are the body part furthest away from your heart which makes it more difficult for blood to travel to them.  That’s why you have to make sure you keep your toes warm with wool socks.  You can even double layer them with a thin pair of socks if you have room in your shoes.  Speaking of shoes… 


Last time I came to New York, I brought a pair of cute combat boots and hot pink running shoes. The problem was that when it started snowing, the combat boots were not waterproof and had a worn out sole with no proper grip at the bottom which made walking extremely slippery. I was forced to wear my hot pink shoes everywhere with all of my outfits.  New York winter fashion at it’s finest 🙂 So let’s just say, I definitely stood out as a tourist.  The rumors are true.  New Yorkers love their black.  And, I looked absurd in all my photos.  That is why I recommend packing the following 3 pairs of shoes to best be able to participate in all winter activities:

1) Black Snowboots *only if snow is in the forecast 

2) Black Sneakers that can be worn on airplane days and major sightseeing days.

3) Black Flat Ankle Boots for more casual days and dressier evenings.  Black Flat Over The Knee Boots are great too!

I am 5’7” so I have no problem wearing flats, but if you are super petite and can’t imagine not wearing heels, then I recommend bringing boots that have the lowest possible heal you are comfortable wearing! 

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A critical mistake I have made in the past is only bringing a small crossbody bag with me for the trip.  Crossbody bags are great, but not ones that are compact. When you are actively layering– constantly going inside and outside between sightseeing attractions–you need a bigger bag to store your beanie, gloves, and scarves plus all of your other essentials.  Thus, a lightweight, mid-sized, nylon crossbody is the perfect bag for your trip. I highly recommend purchasing a crossbody purse so you can keep an eye on your belongings at all times. However, I have lower back problems so I recently switched over to using the Travelon Anti-Theft backpacks which I believe do a better job of evenly dispersing weight. I recently used this bag as my daypack on a two and a half month Europe trip and absolutely fell in love with it. 


Park Slope Brooklyn Winter Packing List


Handbag Essentials:

Hand Sanitizer:

I wouldn’t say I am a total germaphobe, but I do like to carry around hand sanitizer when I am traveling to New York in winter during flu season.  I will always carry a Purell travel size bottle in my bag and I do have one in my car while I am at home. 


Even when the sun is shining in winter, the cold wind can really affect your eyes.  I always have tears in my eyes in New York. No, not because I love the city so much, but as an unfortunate byproduct of the wind tunnels that can occur from many of the New York City streets. Sunglasses are necessary protection from the gusts.


Portable Charger:

Google Maps, Uber, and Yelp are amazing and essential tools while sightseeing, but they use up a lot of battery! This is why I always recommend bringing a portable charger with you to ensure your phone is always charged. One time, I was at a Broadway show by myself and had planned on meeting friends across town in the Meatpacking District.  They were bar hopping and my phone died during the show, so I had no idea what bar they had ended up at.  I took a taxi to the Meatpacking District, but I had to walk around until I found a random bar and ask the bartender to charge my phone behind the bar before I could even make contact with them.  So please, for that story alone, add a charger to your winter packing list.

Static Guard:

Even just thinking about static-y sweaters during winter makes me cringe. The crackling noise, your hair either sticking to every part of your outfit or standing on end, and the electric shock from touching something static-y…now I am legit shivering over this. I prevent this nonsense with a travel size version of Static Guard. It is a true miracle.

Lip Balm:

Protect your lips against chapping from the dryness of winter with lip balms like Aquaphor,my absolute favorite! 


If the weather forecast says rain, it probably wouldn’t hurt to add a compact travel umbrella to your winter packing list as long as it can easily fit in your crossbody bag.  

Library Hotel New York City Winter Packing List



While the majority of your makeup will be the same staple products that you use on the reg, I do have a few important tips in regards to managing your makeup in the cold weather.  

Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner! I am not typically a fan of waterproof products because I cannot take them off for the life of me, but walking around sightseeing in NYC, chances are the cold wind will irritate your eyes and they will start to tear up.  This happens to me every single time I go.  I just came back from a conference and right when I walked into the venue, it looked like I had been crying hysterically so I had to run to the bathroom and clean up around my eyes first thing.  From now on, I will be sure to listen to my own advice and only bring waterproof products.  


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Winter Packing List

What are your must-haves on your winter packing list? Pleas share in the comments below! 

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