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Croatia: An Ideal 10-Day Itinerary

January 20, 2020
Dubrovnik, Croatia walking the old city walls


Your Croatia Travel Guide

I knew I wanted to visit Croatia, but because of strict scheduling, I had only 10 days to see the entire country.  Of course, that isn’t the most realistic or best philosophy to have; but personally, if I am going somewhere that has been on the bucket list for years, I try and pack in everything there is to see (within reason of course). That being said, I did tons of research prior to my trip to determine where to go in Croatia and and had difficulty finding a complete itinerary that was less than two weeks long.  There are so many different cities to see in Croatia, public transportation isn’t the easiest, and each city is at least two hours away from the other.  So, about two months after spending the most incredible 10 days in Croatia, I created an ideal itinerary for what to see in Croatia in 10 days.  Of course, now I have an entirely new list of places that I want to visit in Croatia like the city of Rovinj and Krka National Park, both of which I think are perfect spots for a return trip.


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Day 1

amazing gorgonzola truffle pasta croatiaFly into Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.  Have your hotel or hostel prepare a taxi pickup for you ahead of time.  Visit the city center and have drinks and food on the main thoroughfare named Tkalciceva.  We had the best truffle pasta of the trip on this street so even if its touristy, the food is delicious.  Afterwards, I would suggest a tour of the Museum of Broken Relationships.  It’s small and simple; however, I challenge you to not find one story that doesn’t relate to you in some way.

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Where to Stay in Zagreb

Zagreb Hotels:

Esplanade Zagreb Hotel is a 5* property built in 1925 for the passengers of the Orient Express, so while this hotel has been renovated, there is a great deal of history in this place as well.  A tram line that runs right in front of the hotel although all the major city sights are in walking distance.

Check rates and reviews on TripAdvisor | |


Swanky Mint – I stayed at 2 hostels in Zagreb, but this one was my favorite by far. 


Day 2

plitvice lakes croatia upper lakes Drive to Plitvice Lakes.  I would suggest figuring out a rental car in advance.  Also, while everything else is cheap in Croatia, rental cars are not.  My boyfriend and I rented a stick shift because that was the only car that was reasonably priced.  We probably stalled the car at least 37 times since he had not driven one in 10 years and I, well, never have.  Somehow, some way we made it! There is ample paid parking at the lakes and you should definitely refer to TripAdvisor or the Plitvice Lakes website for the route you wish to take.  We chose route C which I thought was the right amount of hiking while still being able to see the park in its entirety.  It was about 4-6 hours and we were able to see a good portion of both the upper and lower lakes.  The routes are determined by which parking lot you are at.  Many reviewers recommend to park at lot 2 as it is supposedly less crowded; however, we parked at lot 1 and had no problem finding a spot.  If you are going in the offseason, timing shouldn’t be an issue; however, head the warnings for the summer season and make sure you go bright and early!  Afterward, drive three hours down to the coast and city of Zadar and spend the evening.


Where to Stay in Zadar

Zadar Hotels: 

Art Hotel Kalelarga is the highest rated property and it’s located right where you want to be, in the heart of the old town of Zadar.  The rooms are beautiful, the starf is attentive, and the rooms are quite large by European standards.  

Check rates and reviews on TripAdvisor | |

If you would prefer to stay in an apartment, and airbnb are the two best places in my opinion to look for properties.  I found a few great options :

Zadera AccommodationClick here for more details and latest prices.

Apartment EmaClick here for more details and latest prices.

Apartments JaderaClick here for more details and latest prices.


Boutique Hostel Forum – This property is right in the center of old town and since you’ll only be here a night or two, it’s my favorite option.


Day 3

Zadar, CroatiaSpend the day in Zadar.  The highlights include walking around the old city with its beautiful tiled floors and having a nice, relaxing meal at one of the many restaurants. I would then take a stroll down to the water and with a bottle of wine, enjoy the soothing sounds of the Zadar sea organ and marvel at the beautiful artwork “Greeting of the Sun,” especially at night when the colors are spectacular.  We drove to Zadar kind of by accident, but I was so overwhelmed by the city’s beauty, that I would recommend everyone to visit.  Drive to Split.


Day 4

Dubrovnik, CroatiaSpend the day in Split and visit Diocletian’s Palace, imposing Roman ruins found on the reverse of the 500 Kuna banknote as well as a filming site for HBO’s Game of Thrones.  Unfortunately, my trip did not allow us time to explore Split and visit the ruins at the Palace; however, I would absolutely include this day in Split in my ideal itinerary and see what this city has to offer.  Spend the rest of the day exploring the Old Town, climbing up to the Bell Tower of St. Domnius, sipping some wine at a local winery, or heading to soak up the sun along the beachfront.




Where to Stay in Split

Split Hotels:

Divota Apartment Hotel is where I stayed in Split for the night and it was a welcome treat after a long driving day.  I would say it is more of an apartment than a hotel but there is a reception desk should you need anything and they have a phenomenal free breakfast in the morning. 

Check rates and reviews on TripAdvisor | |

I found a few other apartments that had great reviews as well.

Luxury Rooms Lucija and Luka – Click here for more details and latest prices.

Apartments Rozmaric – Click here for more details and latest prices.

Studios Aurelia Palace – Click here for more details and latest prices.

Contarini Luxury Rooms – Click here for more details and latest prices.


Split Guesthouse & Hostel – It’s been voted top rated hostel on Hostelworld for the past 6 years for a reason!  


Day 5

hvar island croatiaI have 2 different options for today: extreme sports day or ferry to Hvar Island.  The first would be for those more inclined to do something very adventurous on your Croatian adventure.  We went extreme canyoning down the Cetina river with Adventure Dalmatia tours.  The river is less than an hour away from Split.  After the fact, you will be pretty impressed with yourself that you just climbed down a canyon and repelled through a river, but during…you might find this activity more strenuous than you had anticipated!  If climbing mountains and gliding down rapids is just not your thing, I suggest taking the ferry to Hvar Island and enjoying your day at the beach or exploring the other main town, Stari Grad.  An important thing to note:  the beaches in Croatia are all super rocky!  Bring cheap flip flops that you can wear into the water; I wish I had known that before I scratched every part of my feet running from the lounge chair into the ocean.  If you decided to go canyoning, take the last ferry of the night.  There will be a bus that picks you up and takes you to Hvar if the only option is for you to take a ferry to Stari Grad.  The road trip part of our Croatian adventure ended here.  We met an employee from the rental car company at the pier in Split and returned the car before we boarded the ferry.  


Where to Stay in Hvar

Hvar Hotels:

Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort is probably the largest property on the island and definitely the most commercial.  This also means that the hotel has all the amenities you could want like a gym, free lounge chairs at the pool which, by the way, has a water slide!  It’s about a 10 minute walk into town but if you are looking for a seaside resort, then this is your best bet. 

Check rates and reviews on TripAdvisor | |

I am also including apartments that are right in the heart of the old town. 

Agata House HvarClick here for more details and latest prices

Apartments Seka – Click here for more details and latest prices

Apartments JureClick here for more details and latest prices


The White Rabbit Hostel – Right in the center of everything, stay here if you want to party the night away.  


Day 6

beach in Hvar, CroatiaSpend the day in Hvar.  We had the best greek-style feta and chicken salad at Dalmatinos.  I still dream about this salad months later and have tried to replicate it, but to no avail.  I would suggest renting either a quad or vespa and explore the island and watch the sunset from some remote beautiful locale.  Make sure if you rent a quad that you do so early in the day as they tend to sell out during the summer.  Hvar does shut down in late September so spending time on this island makes the most sense from May-September.


Day 7

Hula Hula Beach Bar Hvar, Croatia sunsetEnjoy another day in Hvar.  When you first arrive on Hvar island, I would recommend talking to a local and getting a feel for the winds and the choppiness of the water as this will determine whether or not you will be able to rent a boat or take a guided tour of the blue grotto.  We rented a boat which was definitely an experience (click here to read our horror story), but I would also recommend taking a tour if you don’t feel like going out on your own and exploring the surrounding islands of Hvar.  Go to Hula Hula to watch the sunset.  Everyone complains about how expensive the drinks are, so just get one drink.  I thought the price I paid for a drink to sit on the edge of an island in a free lounge chair and watch the sunset was absolutely reasonable and so absolutely worth it.



Day 8

walking the walls in Dubrovnik, CroatiaTravel by catamaran to Dubrovnik.  Buy your ticket for the catamaran soon upon arrival in Hvar as the catamaran does sell out!  The tickets are sold at a store near the main dock in Hvar.  You will arrive in Dubrovnik around 1 PM and have the rest of the day and night to roam around Dubrovnik Old Town.  I recommend staying near the cable car like we did, as the location is a five-minute walk into the old city, yet away from the hustle and bustle and tourists in the center.  If you do one thing in Croatia, please have it be walking the old city walls around sunset!   I have travelled a lot and seen many spectacular things, but walking the walls affected me in a way that very few things have in a long time.  The views, the people, and the peacefulness is so incredible.  Just make sure you don’t dawdle too much, as we missed about 1/4 of the walls, since they close the gates right at 6:30 PM and there are two entrances and exits.



Where to Stay in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Hotels: Usually I am all for staying in the heart of the city center, however, Dubrovnik is the exception to that rule.  Look out for properties that are in walking distance but slightly outside of old town because there are just so many tourists that it is a nice reprieve to be able to leave at the end of the night. 

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik is in a perfect location.  It’s just outside the old city walls so you can retreat the calm of the hotel in the evening, but also only a short walk to the city gates. The property has all the amenities including a spa, gym, and an indoor swimming pool.  

Check rates and reviews on TripAdvisor | |

Apartments in Dubrovnik: 

Apartments & Rooms Perla *in old town – Click here for more details and latest prices.

87 Stairs ApartmentsClick here for more details and latest prices.

Rooms Vjera Click here for more details and latest prices.

Apartments NeraClick here for more details and latest prices.

Hostels: I would probably choose to stay in an apartment in Dubrovnik because hostel prices are quite high and ratings are on the lower side.  That being said, if you are a solo traveler starting your trip off in Dubrovnik, it may behoove you to meet people at one of the following two hostels:

Old Town Hostel

City Walls Hostel


Day 9

drinking coffee Dubrovnik, CroatiaSpend the day in Dubrovnik or take a guided wine tasting tour in nearby Bosnia Herzegovina.  As this is your last day of a very complete and exhausting trip,  it is up to you whether you would like to spend the day roaming the streets again around the old city and perhaps take the cable car up to the top of the mountain for a fantastic view of the Adriatic Coast.  If you feel like powering through, finding a tour and having the opportunity to visit another country for half a day, there are many options for guided wine tasting tours in Bosnia Herzegovina and even full-day tours to Montenegro.   We opted for the former and spent the day eating, buying souvenirs, and enjoying the last moments of being in Croatia.



Day 10

lower lakes Plitvice, CroatiaFly home or to your next location.  There is an airport bus that picks up right at the bottom of the cable car and takes you straight to Dubrovnik airport.  This could not be easier and the bus times correspond with your flight times.  How awesome is that!

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Croatia Travel Tips – FAQ’s

When is the best time to go to Croatia?

Croatia in September or May is the best time to visit because all of the summer activities are open on the best Croatian islands. Plus, the Croatia tourist attractions are not quite as packed with people during these months and the temperature in Dubrovnik and other cities can be quite scorching in the middle of summer. 

Is Croatia in the EU? 

Croatia joined the EU on July 1st, 2013; however, Croatia retains their currency, the kuna.


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Croatia Itinerary 10 Days in Croatia

Croatia Itinerary 10 Days in Croatia

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