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Travel Face Mask: Best Travel-Inspired Cloth Masks w/ Filters

July 21, 2020
travel face mask

Cutest Travel Face Masks

I was staying at my mom’s house for the first few months of the pandemic complete with a backyard and lots of space, so I really had no need to go out in public and wear masks. But, I moved back into my apartment in June — gotta make that rent money worth it — and found myself needing a mask every single day to walk to my car, take out the trash, go on neighborhood strolls, etc. 

Then I discovered this wonderful phenomenon called mascne. Turns out, if you wear the same mask over and over again without washing it in 90 degrees fahrenheit weather in sunny Los Angeles, California you will get acne on the lower half of your face, especially your chin. Fun times. Considering this pandemic will most likely go on for at least another 6-12 months, I figured I was probably going to need to have more than two cloth masks at my disposal. 

Since I am totally stir crazy and wanderlusting hard right now, I figured why not purchase some travel-inspired masks? My laptop case is travel branded and my apartment is decorated with world decor. Why shouldn’t my face be?

travel inspired face mask


This post contains affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking the link at no extra cost to you.


So, here are some of the cutest travel-inspired cloth face masks that I found for sale currently. Most of the options here are from Etsy because the site definitely has the best assortment of handcrafted, personalized masks. Amazon is a great place to buy disposable masks or plain, reusable masks but the inventory on stylized masks is pretty bleak. 

Also, I am all about the adjustable strap mask, so I will put an **AS next to all the masks that have this feature and will also denote whether or not the mask has a filter and/or nose wire. 


Map and World Face Masks

World Map Print with optional Wanderlust or Travel Quote in Dark Teal **AS + filter


There are three mask options from this seller: the world map print sans writing, the map with “wanderlust” written across, or the map with “not all those who wander are lost” saying written in dark teal. Plus, it has adjustable straps and a nose wire! So well made! 


Vintage Maps Travel Themed with Cute Ship’s Wheel Brass Charm **AS + filter pocket

The quality on this vintage map facemask looks superb! Not only is there a filter pocket, nose wire, and adjustable straps, but the Etsy store owner is a jeweler so she added the cutest brass charms to the front upper corner of the mask! Love that so much. 


World Travel Inspired Design Face Mask **AS + filter

I just love the vintage look of this face mask with these iconic world landmarks. 



Hawaii Face Masks

VOSGA Unisex Custom Face Mask + AS

This face mask is actually sold on Amazon, not Etsy. The seller has a few different travel-inspired options including a world map print, Italy print, and Washington D.C. print, but this Hawaii print is definitely my favorite of the bunch. 


Hula Girl Face Masks

There are a bunch of really cute hula dancer face masks. I prefer neutral colors, so these two in particular were my favorites out of all of the options on Etsy. 


Vintage Hula Wahine Hawaiian Print Face Mask

I think this one is my favorite of all the hula dancer face masks. It is 3-layered but doesn’t seem to have a filter pocket or adjustable straps but it is so cute I absolutely had to include it!

Aloha Face Mask** AS + filter pocket

Sent direct from Honolulu, HI, this super cute Aloha face mask comes with filters! 


Paris Face Masks

There are a TON of adorable Paris-inspired face masks…passport stamps, Eiffel Tower masks, you name it. 


Paris France French Eiffel Tower Ooh la la Face Mask + filter pocket/nose wire

The fabric on this particular face mask is just so unique and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it.  The shop owner leaves the elastic ear ties untied so you can tie them to fit and also send four coffee filters cut to fit with each mask. 


Paris France French Eiffel Tower Paris Ville Face Mask + filter pocket/nose wire

This Paris-themed face mask is by the same seller as the previous one but I had to include it too because the print is equally as adorable. Once again, the shop owner leaves the elastic untied so that you can fit the mask to your face and packages four filters with each mask. 


Europe Travel Face Masks

Europe Postcard Face Mask + nose wire


While this mask doesn’t have a filter pocket, it was made by a quilter and is reversible with a cute and subtle nautical pattern on the opposite side. I’m particularly partial to this face mask because of the prominent Barcelona feature on the pattern since it is my favorite city in Europe.


USA and America Face Masks

RV Road Trip USA Reusable Face Mask + filter pocket/nose wire

Who isn’t planning a summer road trip in an RV these days? Every travel vlogger that I follow has moved back home from Europe, bought a van, and has begun trekking around the United States and I’m not mad about it. If you are also planning your own road trip this summer or fall across the US, then this super cute mask with popular US landmarks is the perfect accessory for your trip. 


American Flag Face Mask + filter pocket/nose wire

If you are looking for an understated American flag mask, then I think this one is a great option. They are being shipped from Hong Kong, so I would recommend ensuring that you have some masks that you can wear in the meantime while these are being shipped. *There are also Canadian, French, British, German, and Spanish flag face masks available as well.*


Miscellaneous Travel Face Masks

Llama Face Mask

You guys…this llama face mask. I have no words except it’s incredible but low in stock so get it while you can. 


Macaron Face Mask


Tragically, there is only one left of this adorable French macaron face mask, but the seller has a lot of incredibly prints so I highly recommend that if you don’t nab this one in time, you check out her Etsy store for some of the other super cute options she has for sale. 



Have you found any travel face masks that fit your face amazing and you are loving? If so, please share where you purchased them in the comments below! 

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