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Shopping for Souvenirs in Barcelona

November 27, 2019
La Boqueria marzipan treats souvenirs

Shopping for Souvenirs in Barcelona: Tips for Anxious Gift Givers

One of the biggest anxieties I have in life is buying gifts for people and shockingly, even receiving gifts myself.  That might sound ridiculous…sad to say, it is the truth.  I can usually get away without buying souvenirs for my family; however, this past trip to Barcelona, I ended up buying gifts for everyone.  I’m fabricating, it was only three people.  But I still ran around frantically for six hours trying to find the perfect gifts.  Here is a short guide to finding some awesome souvenirs in Barcelona for people who, like me, really need help in the gift-buying department.  

Street Art souvenirs

Street Art

If you are looking for a gift that is personal to the city of Barcelona and showcases its architectural beauty, I suggest heading to the bottom of Las Ramblas near the street called Passeig de Colon. During peak hours, you will find about 5 or 6 artists with all different types of stunning art work starting around 15 Euros.  When gifting, I also think its a great idea to take an actual photo of the location your artwork is representing and gift both pieces.    

FC Barcelona Gear

If you want authentic FC Barcelona accessories and apparel, I would recommend shopping at the actual stadium or at El Corte Ingles, Spain’s main department store.  However, if you are just looking for an FC Barcelona jersey to wear a couple times a year like I was, you can go into any of the souvenir shops and barter for your jersey.  There are at least six souvenir shops on every block, so just make sure you don’t accept the first price offered.  I would spend some time asking around just to ensure that you get the best price possible.  

Souvenirs in Barcelona liquor clock

Jewelry and Other Unique Items 

For all sorts of unique accessories, make your way to Port Vell, which is conveniently right near the Mediterranean.  There are tons of shopping vendors lined along the port in white tents selling one-of-a-kind items.  I know this to be true because I was trying to buy two of my mom’s bracelets and the vendor had only made one like it.  The bracelet was only 8 euros too!

There is also a vendor with these incredible clocks made from old liquor, beer, wine, and champagne bottles.  The prices range from 15-18 euros depending on size.  I got my boyfriend a clock with a “London’’ gin decoration as we spent his birthday at a place called The London in West Hollywood, California.  The clock was not only a unique item, but had sentimental meaning for us both.

 Traditional Gaudi Mosaics and Other Typical Barcelona Gifts

Unfortunately, my favorite one-stop shop for souvenirs from Barcelona, Art Montfalcon, has closed. However, there are lots of other shops within the Gothic Quarter close to some of the main shopping streets like Portal de l’Angel and near the Jaume I metro station. If you would rather purchase mosaics and other souvenirs from a street vendor, you will find many options outside Park Guell.  In fact, many of the top tourist attractions have vendors outside the entrance gates.  Personally, I think Park Guell has the best selection. 

Souvenirs in Barcelona champagne


Food and Drinks

You must check out La Boqueria, Barcelona’s famed open-air marketplace where you can buy gifts of marzipan, olive oil, cured ham, etc.  And the best part is that you can snack along the way!  If for some strange reason you are unsuccessful at finding the perfect food item at La Boqueria, you can walk about three minutes to the Santa Maria del Pi, a stunning church which boasts a food market with local products in the surrounding plaza.  Since you should already be planning on heading to Can Paixano–more famously known as The Champagneria– during your trip to Barcelona, you should consider buying bottles of champagne for your friends and family at home.  Please just make sure to check your specific airline regulations before you buy 10 bottles of this amazing cava.  


Where are your favorite places to shop for souvenirs in Barcelona?  Does anyone else have this same gift-giving anxiety?  Please share in the comments below!  And check out my complete city guide to Barcelona here!


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  1. Sarah on January 11, 2019 at 6:08 pm

    I’m going to Barcelona at the end of the year (I get home a week before Christmas!) Needless to say I’ll be doing some Christmas shopping in Spain! The photo at the top of the page of the food, what are those? Candies? The top half looks delicious, the bottom half doesn’t look real!

    • on January 11, 2019 at 6:08 pm

      Yes! They are candies made from marzipan and you can find them at La Boqueria, the open market which is right in the middle of Las Ramblas. They totally don’t look real, they look almost like wax haha but I think that’s what makes them so cool! Going at Christmas time, there will be tons of open markets so you will have plenty of Christmas shopping options 🙂 Have the most wonderful trip!

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