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Quay Sunglasses Review – Is Quay a Good Brand?

July 30, 2021
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Quay Australia Reviews: Let’s Discuss this Popular Sunglass Brand

Yes, yes, yes! Is my response to the question…is Quay a good sunglass brand? If you are in the market for a new pair of sunglasses and come across a really cute style from Quay, you should absolutely go ahead and purchase that pair. There are a few caveats, of course, and we will get into them in a minute, but Quay Australia really is one of the best sunglass brands out there. 


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Where are Quay sunglasses manufactured?

Quay Australia is, not so shockingly, an Australian sunglass brand. The company was inspired by the “self-expression of artists and festival-goers.” It was on the Australian festival circuit that Quay “began to create cool, affordable sunnies that stand out in the crowd.” 

Quay sunglasses cater to both men and women and come in a wide variety of makes and styles, including polarized lenses. Prices are usually between $65 to $75, although there are a few limited editions priced at $125. 

Quay also sells prescription glasses with blue light for $95. These are amazing if you have a favorite Quay sunglass style and not only want that in a glasses version, but are also eager to avoid those annoying screen headaches from your phone addiction. 

How to pronounce Quay sunglasses? 

This might come as a shock to you, it certainly did to me, but you pronounce the brand like KEY as in the piece of metal that you insert into a lock to open or close a door. I know…not what you expected. The “a” can really throw you off. But no, it is not pronounced like the abbreviated version of Okay. I literally still always say Kay though even if I know it’s Key. 

Where Should You Buy Quay Sunglasses?

There are a few different places that I shop for Quay sunglasses. Quay’s direct website is great and they truly have some remarkable sales like their Buy One Get One and sample sales. I would absolutely wait to shop during one of their sales unless you don’t have the luxury of time to wait. Quay also has a virtual try on tool where you can scan your face and see how each pair will look on you. I purchased my favorite pair of Quay sunglasses – the Don’t @ Me by Desi Perkins – on the Nordstrom website. Quay was having a BOGO sale, and my mom and I each got a pair for $35 ish dollars. We bought from Nordstrom because they had the style we wanted in stock, Nordstrom price matches, and their return policy is ridiculously amazing. Little did I know that the return policy would be far from my biggest issue which is my regret in not buying multiple pairs of the Don’t @ Me. 

I also shop Quay sunglasses on Nordstrom Rack – they are usually at a $24.95 price point – but ever since 2020, they seem to mainly only sell Quay bluelight glasses and not sunglasses. Keep an eye out on their website though because occasionally they will have a few pairs available and they used to have a large selection in store.  Asos has a large selection of Quay sunglasses on their website. Some styles are full price but they also have many that are significantly discounted and in the 20-30 dollar range. 

What is the quality of Quay sunglasses?

While I was unable to determine the materials used to make Quay sunglasses, I will say that I am not the most responsible person in the world and my Quay’s are all in good shape. They are constantly falling off my head or shirt onto the ground or being thrown into a purse without a case and I have never dealt with an arm breaking off or a lens popping out. Of course, this is anecdotal, but I think a major contributor to Quay’s success is that they do produce good quality sunglasses at a very reasonable price point. 

Quay Sunglasses Review

Quay does a really good job in presenting a large variety of styles. Some of their sunglasses are funky, trendy and fun while others have a classic, timeless look to them. Many of Quay’s glasses are quite oversized. If you have a smaller face and don’t want glasses that are oversized, I recommend purchasing glasses that are under 150mm in width and under 50mm in height. Many of Quay’s most popular styles like the High Key, Reina, and All In even come in a mini version which I highly recommend. 

Quay sunglasses also come in a variety of lenses, including their best selling black fade lens. Aesthetically speaking, I am a HUGE fan of the black fade. It looks incredible on every face shape. You should really get a pair with the fade. But, keep in mind that the fade doesn’t offer quite as much sun protection. So, if you plan to spend the whole day in the sun, I would also get a pair with a smoke or brown lens.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Quay sunglasses and review whether or not these might be the right fit for you and your face. 

High Key + High Key Mini

These classic aviators are probably the most beloved of all of Quay’s styles. The High Key and High Key Mini feature a metal frame with flat lenses, triangle notches, and adjustable nose pads that are actually comfortable even for people who are sensitive to a nose bridge. The sunglasses feel very sturdy, but not heavy. If you have a smaller face, you should definitely go with the mini version. They will not only fit your face better, but they are easier to fit in your purse. I always shout out my mom on the blog but she told me today that she owns 4 pairs of High Key minis and one pair of the regular High Key. And now she wants the pink! If that’s not a testimonial in and of itself, I don’t know what is. 


Everyone is currently obsessing over the Nightfall sunnies from the Quay x Maluma collaboration. The glasses feature a one-piece lens which make quite a statement. Personally, I think the reason these are so popular is because they have a funky, unique style but they are actually quite small with a frame width of 140mm and a lens height of 52mm so they don’t overpower your face. 

After Hours

These slightly winged square frames have a lens height of 57mm and a frame width of 149mm. They are too oversized for my liking which, granted, is the point of these sunnies.


The Hardwire style – a classic square shape – is popular among both women and men. But, what makes the Hardwire truly a bestseller is its blue light glasses and prescription readers option. If you are looking to combat those annoying screen headaches, the Hardwire blue light glasses should help you do just that.

Why is Quay so popular?

I think Quay has done a really good job with both the quality of their product and marketing capabilities. They have done some incredible influencer collaborations; the styles that Desi Perkins creates are fire. The price point is reasonable and the styles are fun and trendy. 

Quay Sunglasses Return Policy

Quay’s website states that they will refund your purchase if you’re not absolutely satisfied, within 30 days of delivery. The purchased item(s) must be in original condition with the original case and tags in which they were sent. You will be issued a merchandise credit for anything received after 30 days or not in original condition. *There are some special return rules for their sales – ex. If you buy during a BOGO, you have to return both pairs to be eligible for a return – so make sure to confirm their policy on their website before purchasing! 

What is your favorite pair of Quay Australia sunglasses? Let us know in the comments below! And, don’t forget to check out these other posts on WOAW!

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